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Anti-ageing skin care - what can help you with it?

Anti-ageing skin care - what can help you with it?

Ageing of the skin is a very complex process, it cannot be attributed only to genetics or the use of inappropriate cosmetics. Both external and internal factors play a role in degeneration processes.

Internal factors include changes in hormone levels, slowing of cell function and skin functions, decrease in skin water content, increase in the number of free radicals, stress and lack of sleep. Some of these processes take place naturally in the body, so we cannot stop them, but we can delay them.

In addition, external factors and our bad habits also play a significant role in skin ageing. Things like too much sun exposure, tanning beds, environmental pollution, smoking, a lifestyle without sports, regular alcohol consumption, insufficient water consumption, and the use of inappropriate cosmetics all have an effect on our skin.

What can we do to preserve the youth of our skin?

We would like to highlight two important things, one is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the other is to always use cosmetics suitable for our skin.

In terms of lifestyle, we would highlight just a few:

  • Pay attention to adequate water consumption. Just as for the healthy functioning of our body, water is also essential for the elasticity of our skin and the prevention of wrinkles resulting from a lack of water.
  • Let's strive for a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and vitamins, and for regular sports.
  • Let's spend enough time on quality sleep!
  • Sunbathing is not prohibited, but always follow the rules regarding sunbathing! It is important to get our skin used to the sun with the start of summer. If this is neglected, skin inflammation and cosmetic problems such as unwanted, increased pigmentation may develop. We will start with 10 minutes a day and increase the time spent sunbathing by the same amount every day. But remember that it is not recommended to spend more time in the sun than 1.5 hours a day, and pay attention to adequate sun protection.

Now let's look at the cosmetics:

It is important to develop a well-structured daily routine for yourself, in which, in addition to your current skin problems, active ingredients suitable for prevention also receive attention. These include, for example, flavonoids, vitamins, and moisturizing substances.

The cantaloupe, elderberry, black currant, and sea buckthorn contained in the Sea buckthorn booster are a real vitamin bomb for the skin. Thanks to its high antioxidant content, it delays the skin's aging processes and makes it more resistant to external harmful environmental effects.

The cherry flavonoids in Sour Cherry & Blackthorn moisturizer inhibit aging with their strong antioxidant effect. Due to the high mineral and iron content in scallion, it fills pale skin with a light loose tone with life. The light foaming cream helps to preserve the youth of the skin and nourishes the skin with important vitamins.

  • For the middle and older age group, we recommend the Hyaluron & Peptide product line. As time progresses, the number of building blocks responsible for the youth and elasticity of the skin, including hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastic fibers, decreases significantly, so we must also pay attention to their replacement.

Yucca with a high phytoestrogen content in the Hyaluron & Peptide product line takes care of skin regeneration. The active ingredients of the gingko leaf increase the tone of the skin and improve its blood supply. Horsetail, rich in flavonoids, is an excellent antioxidant. Rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, and iron, as well as vitamins B1-B2 and A, mallow seeds provide essential minerals and vitamins for the skin. And the hyaluron of three molecular sizes takes care of the skin's external and internal hydration. The hydrolyzed pea protein has an antioxidant, moisturizing and smoothing effect on the skin, improves the condition of the skin with its ability to reduce oxidative stress, and contributes to the structural renewal of the skin by activating collagen synthesis. Hyaluron restores degenerations resulting from a lack of water in the surface and deep layers. The vital unsaturated fatty acids of vitamin F, Omega 3 and Omega 6 nourish and regenerate the skin, participate in the construction of cell membranes, and protect the skin's epidermis. The valuable active ingredients of aloe and gingko, cold-pressed oils and germ oils help to balance the skin's natural fat and water balance.

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