Our Story

Our Story

Mrs. Daniel Molnar, also known as Aunt Ilcsi, was a renowned Hungarian beautician and the founder of the skincare brand Ilcsi. Born in 1926 in Nagykökényes, Hungary, she moved to Budapest at the age of six. Her journey into skincare began in the 1950s, driven by her love for nature and the need for high-quality skincare products. 

As she created her first products, their effectiveness led to increasing demand from estheticians. In 1984, she founded the Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs corporation with her son, Ferenc Molnar. Since then, even though the company has grown with more than 140 products sold worldwide, Ilcsi has remained the family business.

Aunt Ilcsi


Mrs. Daniel Molnar, affectionately known as Aunt Ilcsi (pronounced ‘il-chi’) in Hungary, was a renowned Hungarian beautician and the founder of the skincare brand Ilcsi. She was born in 1926 in Nagykökényes, Hungary, and moved to Budapest at the age of six. 



Aunt Ilcsi’s journey into skincare began in the 1950s when she graduated from the cosmetology school in Budapest. Aunt Ilcsi learned multiple languages, which allowed her to access and stay up-to-date with the latest skincare research from all over the world. 

Herbalist Heritage


Aunt Ilcsi moves back to Budapest and starts working at a beauty salon. Driven by her love for nature, instilled by her herbalist grandmother, her interest in science, and the need for high-quality skincare products, Aunt Ilcsi created her first products using production methods that were ahead of her time. 

High demand for the products


The effectiveness of Aunt Ilcsi’s products leads to increasing demand from other beauticians. Aunt Ilcsi trains them for free, an approach unheard of at the time. Unbeknown to her, by doing so, she will influence the beauty industry in Hungary for decades to come. 

Beautifying Herbs corporation


Aunt Ilcsi founds the Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs corporation with her son, Ferenc Molnar. Since then, Ilcsi has always remained a family business. 

1st International Order


The first international Ilcsi order shipped. 

Superbrand Award


Ilcsi gets its first Superbrand award, and will receive it many more times. 

1st Salon in Dubai


The first Ilcsi beauty salon opened in Dubai, called Elche Beauty Salon (the name was adapted to the region). 

Satisfied customers in 30+ countries


Ilcsi sells a range of more than 140 products worldwide and has customers in more than 30 countries. 

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple—we believe that there is a solution for every skin concern in nature. This is why Ilcsi certified natural skincare products are made only of plants, herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruits, all grown organically in Europe. We do not conduct animal tests or use animal-based ingredients. 

We stay true to the ethos of our brand as envisioned by Aunt Ilcsi—love of nature, commitment to cruelty-free practices and sustainability, and using only organic ingredients. In fact, some of the ingredients are still grown on the family’s estate in Hungary.

Why choose Ilcsi skincare for your skin?

Certified natural

Our products and production methods are certified natural by international certification agencies — COSMOS (Belgium) and BDIH (Germany). The certification criteria cover use of natural and organic ingredients, farming practices, avoidance of certain harmful chemicals, promotion of environmentally friendly production processes, etc.

Naturally effective

Our botanical ingredients are grown on certified organic farms, where they are hand harvested. When processing our fruit and herbal ingredients, we use whole raw pulps, not extracts, to preserve and maximize the natural benefits. We do not use artificial colors.

Safe and cruelty-free

Ilcsi skincare products do not contain genetically modified (GMOs) or animal-based ingredients, and are not tested on animals. All of our products are also nut-free, gluten-free, halal and vegan.

Feel the difference

Customers tell us how they instantly notice the difference between Ilcsi skincare and other products. Because we let nature take the lead, you will see, smell and feel the difference when using Ilcsi products. Aunt Ilcsi’s legacy lives on.