At-home skin care routines for teenage skin

At-home skin care routines for teenage skin

Acneic skin is usually a typical teenager skin concern, but any kind of hormonal imbalances can trigger its reoccurrence. Maintaining a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle is crucial in fighting this problem, but with patience and special care we can achieve great results.


Rosehip toner 100 ml
Sale price$46.00
Rosehip serum 30 ml
Sale price$109.00
Ichtyolic concealer 12 ml
Sale price$45.00
Rosehip moisturizer 50 ml
Sale price$58.00
Mattifying concealer gel cream 50 ml

Wipe your face with Rosehip toner using a dry cotton pad. This will refresh your skin, it removes the oily film of the surface and prepares your skin for makeup. If you do not use a foundation you can pat a few drops of Rosehip serum in the skin and finish up with a touch of Ichtyolic concealer where needed. Ichtyolic Concealer should be avoided when your skin is to be exposed to direct sunlight due to photosensitivity. In that case we recommend applying it in the evening.

Did you know that you can make your own foundation by mixing a few Ilcsi products? Mix a small portion of Rosehip moisturizer, Mattifying concealer gel cream and Ichtyolic concealer in your palm and pat it in the skin for a hydrated and colored complexion.


Apple & Lemon cleanser 200 ml
Black cleansing concentrate 100 ml
Apple & Lemon toner 100 ml
Sale price$46.00
Herbal spot serum 30 ml
Sale price$109.00

Wipe your face with Apple & Lemon cleanser using a damp cotton pad. This will remove makeup also. Spread a small portion of Black cleansing concentrate on your face with wet hands or a cosmetic sponge, rub it for 2-3 minutes focusing on forehead and nose area. Then wash it off thoroughly at least 10-15 times with warm water. A few pumps of Apple & Lemon toner should follow using a dry cotton pad. Then spread about half pump of Herbal spot serum on the skin, it will hydrate and soothe inflammation. Finally apply a few spots of Ichtyolic concealer where needed, it dries, heals the spots and has an astringent effect.

This morning and evening skincare routine takes only a few minutes but might effectively reduce the appearance of pimples and will leave your skin hydrated and smooth.


AHA fruit pulp peeling 5% 50 ml
Paprika herbal treatment 50 ml
Rosehip serum 30 ml
Sale price$109.00
Rosehip moisturizer 50 ml
Sale price$58.00

Exfoliating treatment is only recommended from autumn till late spring because of possible photosensitivity. Apply a thin layer of AHA fruit pulp peeling 5% on the skin. Spread a thicker layer of Paprika Herbal treatment on top. Hot paprika, the main ingredient of this mask warms up the skin and leads to a more intensive blood and lymph circulation. This „hot” feeling of the skin might increase in the first 10 minutes of the treatment, but after 35-40 minutes the tingling, burning feeling will stop when the mask dries. Starting from the top, peel off the mask. Wash it off thoroughly with water and soothe skin with Rosehip serum or Rosehip moisturizer. Your face might have a light pink shade for another 30-60 minutes or so. This treatment has a keratoplastic, anti-inflammatory and spot lightening effect. It improves blood and lymph circulation, renewing skin and delivering excellent results for inflamed, acneic skin.

Do not use this product if you have histamine intolerance. We strongly recommend visiting a beautician before using it the first time. When applying a series of AHA treatment do not use any other AHA products, soaps and avoid direct sunlight, the use of sunbed and sauna.


Spirulina powder mask 80 g
Sale price$125.00

We recommend applying a soothing mask once a week, suiting the skin type, with sebum secretion normalizing effects. Spirulina Powder Mask is ideal for acneic skin because of its amino acid, mineral and Vitamin B, C content. Effectively controls the breakout of acne and soothes the skin.

Mix the powder with some lukewarm water by stirring it vigorously. Apply a medium layer with a brush or your fingertips and leave it to dry for 20 minutes. When it is not sticky anymore and it starts to turn white on the brink of the mask you can peel it off gently starting from the top. Wash the rest with a damp glove or cotton pad. Finally, do not forget to apply a serum of your choice.

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